Clogged sink

The Different Plumbing Problems That You May Encounter

Clogged Kitchen Sink

Clogged Kitchen Sink

Main Drain Clog

A main drain clog should be viewed as a serious plumbing problem. What happens is that the water won’t have any place to go so it will come back to the household plumbing. When there is a main drain clog, you should not use any plumbing in your home until this problem is solved. A common sign of this problem is that many of your pipes and fixtures are clogged. You can check by flushing the toilet or using the sink. If they don’t work properly, you can suspect that there is a main drain clog.

Clogged Basement Floor Drain

Many houses have basements that have floor drains installed. There are many uses of a floor drain including the eliminating of debris of your water heater and air conditioning water. The time will come that the floor drains can get clogged up due to the piling of wastes and debris. When there is a clogged basement floor drain, it will require dirty work. You can do the work yourself if you really know how. You can learn some tips if you already have plumbing experiences. However, there are some who do it, but instead of fixing the problem, they only make it worse.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

A sewer line that has been damaged will require serious plumbing repairs. You may not find the problem right away, but if you find out that you have a sink hole in your yard or notice a really bad smell coming from your lawn, you should immediately call your plumbing company. These are strong indications that you need a trenchless sewer repair. You have to act right away and get the best plumbing repair service to prevent further problems from occurring.