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Safety Precautions When Dealing with a Backed Up Sewer

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

A backed up sewer can be a nightmare for any homeowner. This is because sewer backups can lead to property damage and serious health hazards.

A backed up sewer may be caused by plumbing problems in the home or, in rare cases, problems with the public sewer. In order to avoid any safety problems when you experience a sewer backup, here are some precautions and measures to take.

Sewer backups expose you to risks such as electrocution and health problems if the water contains sewage. It is therefore advisable that you and your loved ones avoid any contact with the water. If possible, take children outside the basement and instruct them not to consume anything contaminated with the sewer water.

While trying to remove the sewer water is a wise step, this should be done with care. Before collecting the water using buckets or pumps, ensure that you treat it with a considerable amount of chlorine. Using a bleaching agent is also recommended but it would be risky to mix chlorine with ammonia. This is because the mixture may lead to the production of poisonous gas. It is recommended that you wear rubber gloves and protect your feet from the sewage water.

If you cannot handle the cleanup yourself, it would be best to contact a plumbing professional to come to your aid. The expert will disinfect the water using certified chemicals so as to avoid any transfer of microorganisms to other parts of the house. He will also help when it comes to unclogging blocked drains if the problem is an internal one. In some cases, calling the police department may be the best option if you cannot reach a plumber.

With these tips, you can ensure maximum safety while your backed up sewer is taken care of.

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